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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

“An Experiment of Unusual Partnerships”

The latest experiment at the Georgia Tech Library:

The Resource Center, aka: "The Cage"
Nothing revolutionary here, but it’s kind of cool. I’ve read about similar efforts at Marquette. UGA has also explored the concept too. Essentially the library gave space to various departments to offer a variety of services. Some of the terms used to describe the project include:

“A nexus and convergent point for students”
“An experiment of unusual partnerships”
“A coordinated student support entity”

So what is it? The Library merging space with the Office of IT, Tutoring, and Advising. Students can get tech help with wireless, viruses, spyware, etc, they can also demo new software and products, and pick up large print jobs. Students will also be able to meet with academic advisors and get tutoring help. Tutoring has real potential because it’s not just your traditional calculus and composition, but also applications such as MATLAB and AutoCAD. They reported helping nearly 2,000 students last year in over 82 courses.
Opens the first week of April.


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