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Friday, March 17, 2006

more on myspace, social networks and academic libraries

I’m very into the mobile internet—but the other day I was in the bathroom and could hear a guy typing on his laptop in one of the stalls. Maybe GT students are just hardcore like that?

I have been attacking MySpace a lot recently, so why stop now? In recent conversations, as well as
tons of press, I’m finding out about parents creating accounts so that they can monitor what their kids are doing online as well as in life. And that is why Facebook is so great because it blocks out nosey parents and predators. Sure there have been reports about cops and campus officials clamping down on FB, but whatever. I support an individual’s personal freedom to do stupid things and share them with friends.

I predict, again, that MySpace will fail because of privacy issues. Kids, who are the bulk of users, will want to go somewhere more private / excusive. It’s kind of hard to be cool when you know your mom is lurking on your site and checking out all your pics and comments, as well as your friend’s information too.

Anyway, in
my comment on the ACRL Blog, I stated that while I think it’s good for libraries to explore new ways to interact with patrons and that social networks are hot, that we need to choose our outreach carefully. Being everywhere that they are is not the solution, but rather strategic placement and being in position to provide appropriate service is going to be essential. That is shaping up to be my theme for the next two years. Stay tuned.

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