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Friday, April 21, 2006

Next Gen

I am really starting to dislike the Next Gen label. Actually I’m not really sure that I can define it, but that doesn’t stop be from babbling on about the topic:

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Blogger freegiftsforworld said...

i think i dislike it too .

10:04 AM

Anonymous caleb said...

I feel that labeling younger library staff as "next generation" underscores professional and social dynamics in the workplace that aim, whether or co-workers know it or not, to undermine our contributions, enthusiasm and self-respect.

In my first professional library position, my initial training consisted of where to find Netscape on the hard drive and being told, "in an earthquake, books fall of the shelf". I was 25 and demoralized.

The fact that you are out there, and others, discussing the specific needs for professional development and the need to acknowledge what younger people can contribute to libraries in both traditional and new ways, sure does help.

But the label, yeah, hate it. Our contributions are valuable *now*, we are not the 'next' anything.

11:48 AM


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