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Monday, April 10, 2006

OMG! We should IM!

So it seems that IM has recently become the hot topic. I can’t wait until three years from now when librarians ‘discover’ ipods and start talking about new ways to reach students through mobile devices.

Anyway, on the topic of IM, I want to build an
AIM Bot. Tag this as a pipedream, but I had a good talk with Ross a few weeks ago and there is faint possibility that we might work on this over the summer.

Now granted, bots are not new. I’ve seen a presentation on this at CIL (not AIM though) several years ago--- however after a little searching I could not easily find an AIM BOT for libraries. If you know of any, post the screen-name, please!

This is the main menu from the ShoppingBuddy bot:

I’d like to customize it to fit our needs with options like:

  • Find Books
  • Find Articles
  • Explore a Topic
  • Get Help (IM us!)
  • Library Hours
  • Library Classes & Workshops
  • Check Your Account
  • Renew Your Books
  • Reserve the Rehearsal Studio

It could really supplement to our website. I think if marketed correctly it could be kind of cool. Go strong with it during the freshmen orientation. Plaster the screen-name (illegally) all over the dorms and campus. Print napkins for the café with the name on it. Buy a full page add in the student paper with the entire page blank except in the middle: GTLibraryBot, buddy list us! Create a since of mystery/intrigue. Let people find it. Make them want to b-list you to see what the hype is all about. Word of mouth with take over after that.


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