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Friday, March 03, 2006

MySpace is lame, now

There is a Dr Seuss story about people who have stars on their chest, they had become special, the elites, and then there was everyone else, the masses. The masses eventual found a way to get stars too and that rocked the whole social class system. Then the originals found a way to get rid of their stars and it become cool not to have a star.

That’s how I feel about myspace.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just say "no" to library 2.0

It’s been a while—but I’m dusting this thing off.

I really have to disagree with M Stephens on a recent post about librarian attitudes. His premise is that librarians tend to think negatively toward new ideas, particularly in public services. While I will admit there is a lot of conservatism in how we operate, this is not my reality.

I guess academic libraries have led the way in listening and responding to users. It helps that we have a consolidated market, whereas public libraries have to try and please everyone. But I really don’t get this Library 2.0— this is stuff we were talking about 5 years ago.

Anyway, here are the examples he claims libraries say “no” to:
  • IM on public computers
    (We give patrons Trillian. I also encourage them to IM me directly.)
  • Skateboarders visiting the library
    (What next, no Emo kids in the library?)
  • Use of PSPs or other new devices
    (If someone wants to sit in a bean-bag before class and play GTA, I say enjoy.)
  • No Cell Phones
    (I was so happy when we killed this rule last summer. We have noisey
    floors and quiet floors. What’s the difference if I am talking with a group of friends vs on my phone? I’ve actually seen students use them productively, getting help from friends and working on project collaboratively.)
  • No Eating or Drinking
    (We have a café so this doesn’t really apply to us. Students will also have pizzas delivered to the library.)